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parenthetical_h's Journal

21 August
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What can be said about the glamourous life of the parenthetical 'H' guy? He's a student, he works, he pays his bills (generally on time). He can't juggle machetes, but he can give a wicked movie review. By request only. If being single was an international conglomerate, he'd be one of the higher VPs on the Board of Directors.
70's issues of penthouse, akira kurosawa, ang lee, animation, anime, astrology, august, baseball, batman, ben and jerrys, billie holiday, black, blossom dearie, breakfast, calvin & hobbes, castro theater, chandler culture, charlie brown, cheerios, chess, children, china, christmas ornaments, coen brothers, coffee, coldplay, college avenue, conversation, criterion collection, curry, custard, dating, david fincher, david mamet, digital projectors, dinah washington, diversity, don henley, dvd commentary tracks, dvds, ebay, edward albee, ella fitzgerald, entertainment weekly, eric serra, ethnic foods, euphemisms, family, family birthdays, family dinners, fascist wear, feminism, fishing, flirting, fresh broccoli, fresh choice, fruit salad, garage sales, george orwell, ghibli studio, girls in general, girls who play chess, girls with glasses, girls with short hair, grand avenue, grand lake theater, half 'n' half, hentai, heterosexuality, homosexuality, ingmar bergman, janus collection, jean-pierre jeunet, jim henson productions, joe hisaishi, jogging, john cusack, kevin smith, laserdiscs, lasse hallstrom, law & order, letterbox, louis armstrong, luc besson, mazda sports cars, michael moore, mints, miramax, miyazaki hayao, morgan freeman, movie posters, movie reviews, movie soundtracks, movies, muppets, musicals, mutts, napkins, oakland, oakland athletics, piedmont avenue, plain yogurt, plays, poker, pornography, proper use of consonants, pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin pie, raisin bran, rebecca, red vines, relationships, roger ebert, rpgs, sad songs, salsa, san francisco, screenplays, sesame street, sigourney weaver, socialism, sony classic pictures, sony wega, sour patch kids, soy milk, spice girls, spicy foods, star trek, sting, strippers named lexi, subtitles, super nintendo games, surround sound, sweet tarts, tabasco, the sf chronicle, the simpsons, the west wing, toho inc, washed spinach, weight-lifting, widescreen, wit, working out, writing, zachary's pizza, zhang yimou


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